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Environment North West Has Installed Acid-Away® Solution In Heat Pump & A/C Systems for more than 5 Years. We have not had a single Compressor Failure in any of our Systems that Contained Acid-Away® Solution. Use the The enwsystems Injector System to Install Acid-Away® in your Refrigeration Systems.

Acid-Away® Acid-Away® is a unique patented chemical treatment for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems that have experienced a burnout, or operating systems that are showing a buildup in acid content. It circulates quickly throughout the system and chemically neutralizes acids that are always left in an air conditioning or refrigeration system after a burnout occurs. Once neutralized, this acid can no longer continue its corrosive attack and cause another burnout. Acid-Away® may be used in either hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors that operate with standard CFC or HCFC refrigerants using mineral oil and alkybenzene type refrigeration oils. Acid-Away® has been tested in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE standards 86-1983 and 97-1989 along with various ASTM standards. Additionally, Acid-Away® was extensively field tested in a wide variety of compressor sizes, types, and brands with a wide range of burnout conditions. U.S. Patent No. 5.503.757.

Here at enwsystems Systems We have found by Installing Acid-Away® into your Refrigeration System, You can Neutralize most of the Acid Accumulation in your Compressor and help to prevent Shorted Compressor Windings. Acid-Away® can be Directly installed to your Refrigeration system, using the New enwsystems Injector System in about 30 minutes Time.

"IT'S YOUR CHOICE!" Protect or Not to Protect, You Decide.


Acid-Away® Less Than $100.00 using the enwsystems Injector


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