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"I wish we had found out about it before. The unit has surpassed our expectations. My wife suffers from allergic reactions to the presence of mold or mildew. Before we had the unit she could not even go down to the basement, now she can."
David & Jane Del Ross, Newport, RI

"I smoke like a chimney - before I had my unit my family would come in and complain about the smoke. After I purchased my air purifier, they came into the house, looked around, and asked, "did you quit smoking?"
Don Alvey, Litchfield, KY

"We love it! We have dogs, it helps fight dander & odor!"
Thomas Miller Charlevoix MI

"My dog was sprayed by a skunk in the back yard. Before we realized it the smell was in the carpet, the furniture and all over the house. The Lightning Air totally removed the odor so we started selling them in the store. "
Joe Falabrino, San Gabriel, CA

"We have been running our unit and it has been great. I could tell a difference the first 15 minutes it was on. My wife has allergy problems and commented on how much better her sinuses feel already, and she is the skeptic in the family."
D. Arrand, Huntington, PA

"We can see quite a difference in our home. We have cats and no matter how well you clean there is always going to be a latent odor. Well, this air purifier really cleaned up that smell! We also use it in the basement and we no longer have a old musty smell down there. This is a wonderful product!"
Isabel & Stephen Nagy, Columbus, OH

"This purifier is outstanding! I am so pleased with my unit. I suffer from allergies and I could tell it helped right away!"
Alice Davis, Colorado Springs, CO

"I sold one unit to a friend of mine who is an Optometrist. There was an odor in his basement and it always had that smell. Well, your unit took care of that smell and now he enjoys using the basement!"
B. Cromwell, Celina, Ohio

"I received my purifier and really appreciate it. I have not been sneezing inside my home since I turned this purifier on, it works great! Thanks again. I will recommend you to my friends."
Mickey Dunn, Colonial, NJ

"Our family is totally pleased with our units. It has helped with allergies and our family sleeps better when the purifier is running."
Sheila Amstutz, Howe, Indiana

"I love the LightningAir. It has helped a lot with family allergies. My family doesn't suffer like before because we have the unit in our home."
Vivian Burns, Round Rock, TX

"We are extremely pleased with the end result of these units. We sell them to hotels, motels and apartment complexes. Not only do they take care of smoke and pet odors, but also clears the air of the newly carpeted and painted smell."
Ron Wiggens, Houston, Texas

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Our state of the art purifier generates both negative ions and activated oxygen for your home or office. Before the LightningAir was introduced, we looked to Nature. Now the LightningAir provides the same process as Nature, reducing odors and purifying the air indoors.

Waterfalls are a good example of nature creating negative ions.

Negative Ions cause dust and other particles to fall out of the air. Most indoor particles that are airborne tend to be positively charged. Negative ions will give some of the particles a negative charge. The positive and negative particles then combine with each other become heavy and fall to the ground.

Nature is constantly creating negative ions to clear the air. Some examples are waterfalls, waves crashing on the beach and changes in the weather. The LightningAir accomplishes this natural process by employing a special negative ion generator.

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